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Sharing our family tradition with your family 

Gingerbread & Giggles is a way to share our family tradition with you. I started decorating cakes with my mom when I was small - let's just say about 40 years ago.  It is one of my most treasured childhood memories. 

This tradition continued with friends and then stopped while the focus moved to a busy marketing career and starting a family.

I picked up the spatula and icing again when my daughter was born.  She and I now spend countless hours baking, decorating, sampling our creations and of course giggling.  We both love these times, but I have to admit the clean up can be a killer.  

That's the best part of a Gingerbread & Giggles session.  When you are done decorating, we do all the clean up!  

It is my hope that your family will start or carry on the tradition of decorating gingerbread and cookies all year.  Share the love and make family memories that last a lifetime.

Barbara & Ella
Original Gingerbread & Giggles Girls

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